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sloWTool enables browsing, editing and visualization of wordnets.It is freely available and browser-independent. The tool can be used online or downloaded.

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FIŠER, Darja, NOVAK, Jernej. Visualizing sloWNet. In Proceedings of the conference on Electronic lexicography in the 21st century: new applications for new users (eLEX2011). Bled, Slovenia, 9-12 November 2011.
The Polish wordnet . plWordNet . is a semantic network which reflects the Polish lexical system. The nodes in plWordNet are lexical units (words with their senses), variously interconnected by semantic relations from a well-defined relation set. For example, cat is a hyponym (subclass) of animal, claw and paw are related by meronymy (part/whole), while enter and exit are antonyms . all of them in specific senses. A lexical unit acquires its meaning from its relatedness to other lexical units within the system; we can reason about it by considering relations in which it participates. For example, cat is defined as a kind of animal, paw as a whole of which claw is a part, and the activities of entering and exiting as opposites.
In the Advanced search window you can define complex search queries using multiple fields. Wilcard ? replaces any one character and wildcard * replaces any string of any characters.
In the Settings window you can define how the results are displayed on screen by toggling the buttons on and off.
In the Visualization window you can see a part of wordnet's network for the specified search queries.
 - also see; similar to
 - be in state
 - derived; eng derivative
 - near antonym
 - participle
 - usage domain; category domain; region domain
 - holo member; holo part; holo portion
 - hypernym; instance hypernym
 - causes
 - verb group; subevent
 - Adjective
 - Adverb
 - Noun
 - Verb
In order to correct a mistake in wordnet or add a missing literal, you first need to register and log in in the Login window. Then you can modify, delete or add literals by clicking on the literal you wish to change.
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