From 03 Jan 2012 to 01 Feb 2012

23 Jan 2012

10:39 Zadanie #3647 (Zamknięty): Compare with bare MBT (TiMBL)
Re-run tests in fair settings (almost fair, since WMBT doesn't tokenise)
Adam Radziszewski

03 Jan 2012

09:44 Zadanie #3561 (Zamknięty): Clean-up configs & wiki description
Adam Radziszewski
09:38 Zadanie #3584 (Odrzucony): Add and path seeking for configs
Currently no installation script, need to provide full paths for tagger executable and configs Adam Radziszewski
09:36 Zadanie #3353 (Zamknięty): Treatment of unknown words
Final solution: gathering tags from tokens marked "unknown" (+ign), usning this closed list first for unknown words w... Adam Radziszewski

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