From 04 Dec 2011 to 02 Jan 2012

29 Dec 2011

11:20 Zadanie #3561 (Zamknięty): Clean-up configs & wiki description
Leave only configs with affix features.
Configs for no guessing, for guessing (kipi+nkjp)
rm old configs: *-1, *-...
Adam Radziszewski

21 Dec 2011

16:33 Zadanie #3353: Treatment of unknown words
-A works more-or-less ok (outputs loads of possible tags, but is correct), training in progress Adam Radziszewski
16:17 Zadanie #3353: Treatment of unknown words
Guessing seems done. New default config (unktagfreq=3) yields... Adam Radziszewski

14 Dec 2011

15:23 Zadanie #3353: Treatment of unknown words
First is more universal, makes sense to use affixes & regexes as features to get sort of morpho analysis.
Adam Radziszewski
15:21 Zadanie #3353 (Zamknięty): Treatment of unknown words
Two options here:
1. Find hapaxes, train a model for them, add completely guess new tags instead of igns.
2. Gather...
Adam Radziszewski
15:19 Zadanie #3352 (Zamknięty): Extend with CRF++
Add secondary implementation for CRF++. Note that it needs feature description files and different feature vectors (C... Adam Radziszewski

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