This instruction explains how to install WCCL on a Linux machine.

WCCL is provided as a source code package and must be compiled. The build system is based on CMake.


Before running the build system, you need to ensure you have the following libraries installed with headers.

  • Corpus2 and Pwrutils libraries from the corpus2 git repository (the standard CMake buildprocess for Corpus2 also installs Pwrutils)
  • ANTLR, version 2 (ANTLR3 is not supported!): (Ubuntu package libantlr-dev)
  • Boost 1.41 or later (tested with 1.41 and 1.42), packages: program-options, system, filesystem, regex (Ubuntu package libboost-(...)-dev, remember to check the version).
  • ICU library (tested with 4.2; Ubuntu package libicu-dev)
  • CMake 2.8 or later (Ubuntu package cmake)

To build the Python wrappers (recommended), you need SWIG and Python 2.6 or 2.7 with headers (Ubuntu packages swig and python-dev).

Installation of WCCL

Having installed the dependencies, install WCCL:

mkdir wccl/bin
cd wccl/bin
cmake ..
# confirm the default values with ENTER
# analyse the output, if some required dependencies are missing, install the lacking packages, remove CMakeCache.txt file and re-run cmake
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig
# optionally make test