Output file

The output from fextor is a file written in a format operationally specified by the python version 2.7 module csv, with majority of defaults taken from the excel dialect, except delimeter which is set to a semicolon (;) rather than a comma (,).

All of the values are UTF-8 encoded Unicode strings. There is no support for other Unicode encoding.

Quoting character (quotchar) is " (standard double quotation mark). Within fields, the quotchar is doubled. The fields that are quoted are those which contain special characters (delimeter i.e. ;, quotechar i.e. ", or newlines). Minimal quoting is used - no other fields are being quoted.

Note: field values that contain quotchar are both quoted AND the quotchar within is doubled.

First line of the output file consists of semicolon-separated names of the features. The names and their order are the same as they were specified in the ini file used for the fextor run that generated given output.

Subsequent lines hold semicolon-separated values of the features in the said order, generated for all places returned by the iterator specified in the ini file, for all documents passed to fextor.

Actual string representation of a feature is feature-dependant, as specified in Python code for the class implementing the feature (__unicode__() method).