WordnetLoom – is an wordnet editor application built for the needs of the construction of a the largest Polish wordnet called plWordNet. WordnetLoom provides two means of interaction: a form-based, implemented initially, and a visual, graph-based introduced recently. The visual, graph-based interactive presentation of the wordnet structure enables browsing and its direct editing on the structure of lexico-semantic relations and synsets. WordnetLooms works in a distributed environment, i.e. several linguists can work simulanuously from different sites on the same central database.

WordnetLoom is written in Java 1.6, can be run on several operating systems and requires MySQL database server. Provided package contains empty database schema (only plWordnet relation types are included).

For installation instruction please consult README file included in the package.

WordnetLoom can import Princeton Wordnet file format. Import was tested with Princeton Wordnet 3.0. Default plWordNet relation types provide mapping from Princeton Wordnet relations.

For more information please consult our journal article (also included in the attachments):


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plWordNet database can be directly obtained from this page: download.

Any bugs and problems can be reported on our issue tracker site.

The WordnetLoom was published under the GNU GPLv3 license. The source code is available on our GIT repository at: http://nlp.pwr.wroc.pl/wordnetloom.git.


Download this file (WordnetLoom-[WordnetLoom 1.64.0]41896 Kb
Download this file (WordnetLoom.pdf)WordnetLoom.pdf[Journal article about WordnetLoom.]1395 Kb