Mobile plWordNet is an application for free of charge browsing of plWordNet (Polish language wordnet). The application provides thesaurus, description of semantic relations between words, hierarchy of concepts/meanings? and, for some words, brief comments and examples of use (we will provide more comments and examples in subsequent versions).

Mobile plWordNet allows word browsing and following the links between them within two dictionaries: Polish-language plWordNet 2.2 and Princeton Wordnet 3.1. So far, the available version of plWordNet contains inter-lingual relations for nouns only. Still, it is already the largest publicly available Polish-English and English-Polish dictionary.

Mobile plWordNet can be also used offline, only a single connection to the Internet is required in order to download the current version of the database (automatic updates are being made available once in a while).

NOTE! Database download size is approx. 70MB, and storing it after unpacking on a mobile device needs approx. 190 MB. When downloading, we recommend using stable internet connection.