A Large Wordnet-based Sentiment Lexicon for Polish

The applications of plWordNet, a very large wordnet for Polish, do not yet include work on sentiment and emotions. We present a pilot project to annotate plWordNet manually with sentiment polarity values and basic emotion values. We work with lexical units, plWordNet’s basic building blocks. So far, we have annotated about 30,000 nominal and adjectival LUs. The resulting lexicon is already one of the largest sentiment and emotion resources, in particular among those based on wordnets. We opted for manual annotation to ensure high accuracy, and to provide a reliable starting point for future semi-automated expansion. The paper lists the principal assumptions, outlines the annotation process, and introduces the resulting resource, plWordNet-emo. We discuss the selection of the material for the pilot study, show the distribution of annotations across the wordnet, and consider the statistics, including interannotator agreement and the resolution of disagreement.
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In Proceedings
sentiment analysis; plWordNet; wordnet
Ruslan Mitkov and Galia Angelova and Kalina Boncheva
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Proceedings of the International Conference Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing -- {RANLP'2015}
Hissar, Bulgaria
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