1. plWordNet 1.0 (Słowosieć 1.0)
    Name Automatic methods of constructing semantic network of Polish lexems for the purposes of natural language processing.
    Period from 2005-10-30 to 2008-10-30 Number 3 T11C 018 29
    Budget 366 900,00 PLN Leader Maciej Piasecki, PhD
  2. plWordNet 2.0 (Słowosieć 2.0)
    Name Construction of lexical resources with the help of recognition of semantic relations in text corpora on the basis of morpho-syntactic and semantic data.
    Period from 2009-10-30 to 2012-10-30 Number N N516 068637
    Budget 406 960,00 PLN Leader Maciej Piasecki, PhD
  3. NEKST
    Name Adaptive system supporting solving problems on the basis of content analysis of electronic documents.
    Period from 2010-01-01 to 2014-07-01 Number POIG.01.01.02-14-013/09
    Budget 4 110 743,00 PLN (dla PWr) Leader Maciej Piasecki, PhD
  4. SyNaT
    Name SyNaT: Research Task: “Construction of an open, repository hosting and communication platform for the network knowledge resources for science, education and open knowledge society”
    Period from 2010-08-16 to 2014-07-31 Number POIG.01.01.02-14-013/09
    Budget 2 800 000,00 PLN (for PWr) Leader Maciej Piasecki, PhD
    Name CLARIN-PL: Polish part of the CLARIN ERIC research infrastructure Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure
    Period from 2013-01-01 to 2015-04-30 Number 6358/IA/119/2013
    Budget 16 500 000,00 PLN Leader Maciej Piasecki, PhD
    (Polish National Coordinator nominated by MNiSW)
  6. CLARIN-PL support
    Name Designing research methodology for the development of CLARIN language technology infrastructure and disseminating CLARIN research infrastructure.
    Period from 2015-02-16 to 2016-04-30 Number 3255/CLARIN ERIC/2015/0
    Budget 1 000 000,00 PLN Leader Maciej Piasecki, PhD